Welcome to the SaltMalawi web site

SaltMalawi is a UK registered charity working to relieve poverty and suffering, to enhance education and to advance the Christian faith, in Malawi and also in parts of Mozambique. We trust that browsing this web site will inform you about our work, and also inspire you to support us in some way.


Latest News - September 2016:

Annual Accounts 2015

The annual accounts for 2015 have now been published. You can see them under About us / Financial. The Independent Examiner's report is attached at the end of the accounts.


Newsletter for July

The newsletter for July is available. Click here to read it. If you would like to receive it regularly, please contact Brian Donner, our Chairman and Prayer Secretary.


Do not forget to check out Julian and Caroline's blog, which frequently has more up-to-date information than you will find here on the web site - https://saltmalawi.wordpress.com/.