"Save A Life Today" in Malawi.
This is a Christian run project saving lives in Malawi.

Welcome to the SaltMalawi web site

SaltMalawi is a UK registered charity working to relieve poverty and suffering, to enhance education and to advance the Christian faith, in Malawi and also in parts of Mozambique. We trust that browsing this web site will inform you about our work, and also inspire you to support us in some way.

Latest News - March 2014:

Let there be Light!

After a period of 4 years since applying for and paying the telegraph company to install the poles and cables to connect our Village of Light to the National Electricity Grid, the work was completed on Sunday 16 March. This means that the solar installations, that have so far been the sole source of any power, will provide excellent back-up to this new connection to the Grid. This will ensure a new level of convenience as each house now has its own power supply. Thanks to all who have faithfully held this matter in prayer.

The telegraph poles go up in Nov 2013
This pole connects the houses to the national grid

"Malawi Wall" at St Lawrence's School

When the children at St Lawrence’s Primary School (Skellingthorpe, Lincs) heard about the children in Malawi, they wanted to make contact with a school out there. So they sent a beautiful folder introducing the school which one of our trustees took when he visited Julian and Caroline last November. The school children at Chiphazi school (close to our farm), where some of the orphans we care for attend, were delighted and sent back some of their school work and introductions to the different classes. These immediately went on show at St Lawrence’s and the photo shows the resulting Display which fills a wall right next to the school office for everyone to see.