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SaltMalawi is a UK registered charity working to relieve poverty and suffering, to enhance education and to advance the Christian faith, in Malawi and also in parts of Mozambique. We trust that browsing this web site will inform you about our work, and also inspire you to support us in some way.


Latest News - February 2017

Arrival of Roger and Helen Jacobs




Roger and Helen arrived safely at Lilongwe airport on Wednesday 18 Jan where they were collected by Julian and Caroline and taken to the Village of Light farm to settle in and meet the team. On Sunday 22nd Jan they were introduced to the church at Tsumba (see photos). Following a brief induction they started working with the teams on the ground, and have even spent a few days "steering the ship" while Julian and Caroline took a much-needed holiday.


We have received the following short update from them:

"We are feeling much more settled, starting to get a handle on things, speaking in churches & villages & (re-)learning Chichewa. Thanks for your continued support.”


Roger and Helen have now applied for their TEP, which is a permit which will allow them to stay for two years. They need this permit to be processed and granted quickly, before their 90 days tourist visa expires requiring them to leave the country.



Chief Tsumba's house, where Roger has spoken


Joy for John and Betha


This lovely photo is of John & Betha’s new baby boy, born in November. His name is Chimwemwe (which means Joy). He is their 4th biological child and joins the other 3 plus the 10 orphans cared for in their household. We are told his sisters are besotted by their new bundle of Joy, and John’s face doesn’t need words!




Food Aid Distribution

Julian sent us two reports in January, that have been combined into this article:

In Mphalale, Tsumba, Nyombe and Bisiketi we have been running our usual mercy work which involves the local church helping the vulnerable in their community with food aid. These programmes are a critical way of targeting the most needy who are without any means of support. They continue until the end of the hunger season.

We have taken food aid to the churches in Lilongwe (40 bags), Nsanje (10 bags), Nyombe (24), Bisiketi (16), and have released about 100 bags locally to the church. Each bag weighs 50Kg. In Nyombe, for example, there were 56 people waiting to receive the help. We spoke with several to hear their stories. One single mother of 5 children described how they had eaten only bananas for the past 2 weeks. Everyone reiterated that now there is no more piece work to be found. Therefore there is no possibility of finding more food until the fields have food in them - at least 5/6 weeks away. We will be working with the chiefs of the local villages to allow people in need (measured in hundreds if not thousands of people) to acquire food now against a promise to repay after the coming harvest - releasing upwards to 500 bags. Without this the majority in each village will have no means of finding food for the next 2 months.



We will also hire the services of an independent haulage contractor to deliver 45 bags to our 3 churches in Nsanje. The recipients will promise to repay (in maize) to their church after the harvest which will allow the church to have a food bank to run its own mercy work next year. The same principle will apply in Nyombe, Bisiketi and Lilongwe too.

We plan to repeat each of the above steps again towards the end of February.

Please continue to pray for the security of maize held in storage and for safety on the roads at this time.


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Website Updates (Feb 2017)

The underlying software for this website has been upgraded to the latest version (Joomla v3.6.5). The software used to backup and recover the site has also been upgraded.

These upgrades will provide greater security and ensure an enhanced level of support.