How it started

Julian and Caroline Lott are English missionaries who have lived in Malawi since 2002. Before this, they lived in a village near Stratford upon Avon where Julian worked as a solicitor, and then in Gloucester where they attended Redcliffe Bible College. Julian and Caroline felt the call of God on their lives to go to Malawi with the main aim of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. During this time they have been working in rural areas and have formed a church called The Disciples of Jesus, which has been registered with the Malawian Government. They quickly became involved in organising food aid through their village churches, all of which are in areas where the vulnerable suffer in the annual hunger season.

In the Autumn of 2008, with the work rapidly expanding, Julian and Caroline felt the need to have greater and more formal accountability both financially and spiritually. On a furlough trip to the UK they began exploring possibilities with a group of trusted Christian businessmen based at the Anglican Church in Claverdon where they had once worshipped. Within a few short months, and following a frenzy of hard work with the Charities Commission, SaltMalawi Ltd was born.


The Lott Family