Julian and Caroline return to Malawi

Julian and Caroline are now back in Malawi, after their summer visit to England. Julian has given us the following update:

"It has been a time of great joy to meet up with our family and friends, many of whom we have not seen for at least 2 years (the last time we were together in England). Time always is too short for us (and even if we had more time - our energy limits what we are able to do). We regret that we have not seen everyone that we wished to meet. A highlight that will always stick with us has obviously been the marriage of Tom and Naomi in July. It was a wonderful occasion. We rejoice at this union, and love Naomi as we clearly do our children. To witness young people starting their new life with the Lord is a rare honour indeed. We feel that our family has been enriched as Naomi, and the members of her own family, join us.


It has been an emotional time too as we have spoken widely about the work in Malawi. The bridging of a culture that is among the poorest in the world to one that is among the richest is an impossible one, and the task leaves us feeling exhausted but privileged to be among both. Sadly, we had news of the sickness of Julian's father just as we were returning to Malawi. Roger and Rachael need all our prayers at this most difficult time, as do the other members of Julian's family as they struggle watching their father and grandfather suffering. Wonderfully we do have a God who has experienced the worst kind of suffering and who longs to comfort His cherished children."

During the Lotts' time in England, Andrew and Liz Thurlow went in the reverse direction to help with the work in Malawi. You can read their account of their visit in the article under Recent News (in the left column).