John’s new motorbike

John is one of our two senior Malawian leaders (alongside Cameron). John is a church Pastor, interpreter for Julian, Caroline and visiting preachers, prayer warrior and genuinely lovely man. He is married to Betha and in their home on the farm they care for their own 3 children and 6 or 7 adopted orphans. Until 4 years ago John’s only means of transport was a bicycle – normal transport for men in the villages where cars are a rarity with perhaps just the village chief possessing a (usually beat up) old vehicle and a few more men who have regular work able to afford a moped or lightweight motorcycle. Fuel is also expensive.



Four years ago (having failed to teach John to drive a car!), as a result of donations received, we were able to provide him with his first motorbike. It has been well used and worked very hard visiting many churches, often with Cameron on the pillion and carrying Betha to visit friends and family and do the large family shopping in the market in Dedza.

By the beginning of this year, it was pretty much worn out – the uneven mud roads (tracks) are a challenge full of pot-holes and dangerous in the rainy season – having done a great job. So now we have been able to replace it with the one in the photo which John was able to obtain across the border in Mozambique. It will do well to give him another 4 years!