Latest News - November 2016:

Julian writes –

"Malawi is in a difficult position at this time. Predictably, the droughts of the past two years are really affecting the nation. There is little water - the reservoirs serving the cities are about to run dry meaning that many families go 3 or 4 days without water in their taps (depending upon whether they live in a well-to-do area of a city or not). The boreholes in the majority of our villages are nearly dry and women are now literally fighting one another to get the water. For others, they are forced to draw water from rivers, but these are drying up too.

Our electricity supplies too are greatly affected since the bulk of the power generation is from hydro schemes which in turn are not working properly because there is little water in the rivers. Power cuts of 18 hours or longer are now common (we have not had electricity for over 30 hours at the time of writing - how we are grateful for solar power)! And now the food situation is becoming difficult - there are families in our area who have no maize. Normally this dire position is one we might expect to encounter in December - certainly not this early in the year. Food will not become available in people’s fields until March 2017."

This news is taken from the October 2016 Newsletter, which is now available. Click here to read it. If you would like to receive it regularly, please contact Brian Donner, our Chairman and Prayer Secretary.