10 weeks in Malawi - Andy & Jennie Holloway

We have been living at The Village of Light for 10 weeks now. It has been a rollercoaster of new experiences and emotions, but we have settled into our new home and are really enjoying our time here.

The first couple of weeks we spent a lot of time painting, cleaning and organising our little house. We now have our own solar panel providing electricity and our own gas hobs for cooking. We have even knocked down the old kitchen building outside and created our own vegetable patch! Andrew has also learnt how to tile and grout in the bathroom!

Over the last few weeks everyone has been in the fields harvesting their maize, so many of the regular ministries have been put on hold. This week things are starting to get back to normal, and lots of people are coming to the farm to sell their maize.


We are starting to get more involved in Mphalale village, where they hold a mid-week prayer meeting and we hope to join their Mercy Group when it starts again next week. Jennie also teaches English every Monday at Mpalale Secondary School. We are also starting the youth group again this week in Tsumba village, where we have a short time of teaching and play some games. We attempted to teach them rounders, but some of the rules of the game got lost in translation! Andrew has done some preaching at the two churches, and Jennie has led the childrens’ talks a few times too.

We have really enjoyed seeing the work of the Mercy Groups, both in the village of Thom and in Chapasi. We have visited some old people that live in extreme poverty, the likes of which we have never experienced before. It is such a privilege to be able to share the hope of Jesus with them, and also help them practically by providing blankets, food or soap.

We are getting to know the children on the farm who often come to play near our house, or do colouring on our porch. They do not stare at us as much as they used to!

Thank God –

  • That we arrived safely with all our luggage, and with no problems at immigration
  • That we are settling in and enjoying our time here
  • That we have found ways to serve
  • For the safe arrival of Andrew’s niece back in the UK last week!

Please pray –

  • For continued good health
  • For deepening relationships with the team on the farm and in the villages
  • That we will continue to pick up more of the language!
  • That we would listen to God as we seek to serve Him and further His kingdom here