Goodbye to the Holloways

It doesn't seem long since we were reporting that Andy and Jennie were going to Malawi to work with Julian and Caroline. Sadly, their time there has come to an end, and they are now back in England. We are so grateful to them for all that they did to support the work in Malawi. Please pray for them as they re-adjust to life in England, and seek the Lord's will for their future.

Andy & Jennie write in their blog, “We left Malawi and we are back in chilly England. Our last few days in Malawi were full of goodbyes. We had the privilege of working with all these lovely leaders. We will miss spending time with them and living alongside them. We will particularly miss many of the elderly people we met during Mercy Group visits. One of our favourite parts of Malawi was spending time with the children on the farm and in the village. The work with the children will continue with the help of Amai Edward and Amai Millis. Please pray for them."

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Favour and Mia, two boys that always hung around outside our house. They loved being dressed up in Cocopops boxes!