Feeding the Hungry


During this 'hunger season' (December - March) we are again partnering with local churches to run much needed Feeding Programmes as part of our Joseph Project. Our feeding programmes benefit the most vulnerable members of the village communities we serve - the elderly, the orphans, the sick and the very young.

This year our programmes will be run from 3 centres serving the vulnerable of 13 villages - a total of just under 1000 people. The photograph above shows just some of the children enjoying the experience in Mphalale.

The issue of helping people in need is very much a part of our lives at this time. Many people literally have no food in their homes. The situation will not improve now until the middle of March when food starts to become available in the fields. Maize can still be bought but the price is twice what it was in September. Our work is so very significant in helping the vulnerable survive this season. So - thank you to all who make this possible through your prayerful or financial support.