A week in the life of missionaries

On Friday 15th February Julian sent us the following information about his activities over the following 8 days, for your prayers. Although the week has now long passed, we feel that it is good to leave this article here to give you an idea what a week can be like in the life of a missionary.

  • Tomorrow Saturday - I am speaking in an all-day meeting of churches (called 'Inter church') in Mphalale. This will probably mean about 3 hours of teaching or so.
  • Sunday - teaching in our church meeting on Luke 9 – the commissioning of the original disciples and the feeding of the 5000 men as an outworking of the kingdom message that they had been commissioned to preach/live out.
  • Monday - teaching the elderly and mothers of the young children who come to the feeding programme. In the past the group has been about 75-100 people. PM – will be teaching the men of our church.
  • Tuesday - as per Monday, but a separate group of people.
  • Wednesday - Caroline is teaching the church women's group.
  • Thursday - we travel to Lilongwe (LLW) to try to source blankets.
  • Friday - teaching the LLW leaders' group meeting in a village near Msundwe.
  • Saturday - we should finish the leaders' meeting, and collect more orphans to bring back to the farm.

Thank you all so much.