Martha's Laptop

Martha Seda, John and Betha’s eldest daughter, recently passed her entrance exams to the University at Zomba in the South of Malawi where she hopes to study journalism and law. Martha needed a laptop to help with her studies and, in Malawi, that would be beyond her reach financially. A few enquiries among trustees revealed that one of our supporting churches (Ackworth Community Church) were willing to refurbish one of their church computers, update the software, add more memory and make it available to Martha. Coincidentally Tom Lott was preparing to visit Julian and Caroline and agreed to transport the laptop in his luggage. The generosity of the team at Ackworth became apparent when the laptop was delivered by Tom in a handsome leather handbag also containing notepads, pens, pencils, rubbers, etc., to provide Martha with all the accessories to get off to a good start.