Break-through at Tsumba - January 2014

Tsumba is the village immediately next to our Village of Light farm community. Last year John and Cameron went to explore the possibilities of sharing Jesus in that village in the way they had found success at Mphalale village a few kilometres further away, which resulted in a strong church plant. Things did not go according to plan. Although there was some initial interest, when they followed up the interest had evaporated and nothing happened. Other issues, e.g. work on the farm and other church work, conspired to prevent further approaches to Tsumba until last December, when John and Cameron determined to try again.

This time the interested villagers included the wife of the village Chief and so a meeting was set up in the Chief’s own house and people came. Julian joined John and Cameron in meeting and teaching this group on a weekly basis through January. Break-through had happened in a village where there has never been a church! The photo shows how this group has almost outgrown the Chief’s house already! Similar outreach is taking place in the three villages of Chakana, Thom and Mchiwiri - please pray for break-through here too.