Poetry Corner

Caroline has been writing some poetry, and we have decided to publish some of it from time to time on this website.
Here are the first two poems.


Thinking about the things you have done
So that the victory might be won
I know that your blood was shed
That I might live without dread
Of being found guilty for my sin
My heartfelt thanks to you I bring.

Knowledge of your life and death
Have given me spiritual breath;
When you died upon that tree
You took someone with you, and that was me;
So now I am not Adam’s kin
For, Jesus, you my life did win.

I was born in Adam; that was my life.
Disobedience and sin brought nothing but strife.
But now I know and can see
That Jesus died just for me.
Adam’s nature in me has been killed,
I am now "in Christ", for which I’m thrilled.

Jesus, your cross and the shedding of your blood
Means your spirit has filled me like a flood.
Apart from you I can do no good thing,
So everything to you now I bring,
And lay my all down at your feet
For that makes me so complete.

Copyright © 2018 Caroline Lott.

Abba Father

You walk with me, we walk together,
Whatever happens, whatever the weather.
When I fall behind for a while,
Maybe tempted by Satan’s guile,
The only thing I have to do
Is cry, Abba Father, out to you.

Immediately you will stop and turn and
I will see eyes that with love do burn.
To me you will hold out your hand
So that we together again will stand.
You’ll take my hand when I am weak
So it’s your strength I will seek.
You’ll take my hand when I need a guide,
You’ll lead me with a Father’s pride.

And when at last my life will end
With grace and love you will bend
To lift me up and take me home,
To worship before your royal throne.

Until that day does arrive
The only way I can thrive
Is to keep my hand safe in yours
Till I reach those heavenly doors.
For I will have reached the end of my race
And I will see you face to face.

Copyright © 2017 Caroline Lott.