The Financing of SaltMalawi

SaltMalawi is a UK company limited by guarantee (registered number 06972024) and registered with the Charities Commission (registered number 1139160). It is also registered with HMRC for Gift Aid (reference number XT20455).

SaltMalawi receives donations from many different people and organisations who wish to advance the Christian faith and/or relieve poverty in and around Malawi. When we receive money we check firstly as to why it has been given (so that we can allocate it to the correct fund to meet the donor's wishes) and then if it has been given under GiftAid (allowing us to claim some of the tax back from HMRC). Whilst we will honour any request directing how funds given should be spent, we have the following main fund headings:

  1. General Fund

    This is a catch all fund where the donor simply asks us to use the money as we see fit or makes no specific request for the usage of the funds. The Trustees will use the funds where they are needed. We can also use these funds to meet trust expenses, which to date have been less that 0.12% of income raised.

  2. Joseph Project

    This is our main fund for education and the relief of poverty and will include the following grant types:

    • Feeding programmes
    • Clean water programmes
    • Orphan care
    • Children’s educational needs
    • Adult farming education
  3. Building Fund

    A vision held by SaltMalawi since inception is to create a series of local centres where orphans can be raised in families, Christian teaching can be given in a residential course environment, and local subsistence farmers can be shown how to improve their crops and thus their lifestyle.

    To that degree we have raised money to finance the purchase of 15 acres of land in both Chiphazi (near Dedza) and Chituwi (near Lilongwe). Currently the land at Chiphazi is nearly fully transformed into a model farm with accommodation and a training centre.

  4. Lotts' Personal Living Expenses

    SaltMalawi is only a grant making organisation and so we achieve our objectives by funding partners working on the ground in our areas of operation. Julian and Caroline Lott are our partners in Malawi operating as missionaries and running the Joseph Project. When supporters give us money for their personal living expenses, we hold it separately until they wish to draw it down.

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More information can be obtained by contacting SaltMalawi direct.