Miraculous Answer to Prayer

In October 2020, John's 21 year old son Dan was riding a motorbike in the dark (picking up Gift from school who was a pillion passenger) when they hit an ox cart with sufficient force to kill one of the cows. Gift was thrown clear (thankfully uninjured) but Dan was taken to hospital unable to move and John thought he was dying.

The local village churches gathered around John and Betha in prayer and when the report came back to the UK the SaltMalawi prayer network was alerted. They prayed with an emphasis on spiritual warfare, and in 3 or 4 days Dan was out of hospital and back to normal. John says -


“I have seen the hand of the Lord at work through your prayers. Dan is completely healed, nothing left of his injuries! Able to walk, able to speak! I have seen a miracle! Today, from complete immobility, Dan has now gone to see his friend. Lots of Scriptures were given to us. Thank you so much.

Please share with all our brothers and sisters over there (UK).”