Feeding Programmes

Julian and Caroline did not begin with the intention of being involved with relief work. However the abject poverty of the people in the areas in which they were working made it impossible to ignore their material needs. So the work expanded to include a number of relief projects.

Every year the local population suffers from periodic famine between harvests. Julian and Caroline established a system of equipping local churches with the means of feeding the elderly and very young, the orphaned and the sick, within their villages. This was the beginning of the Joseph Project. At times this programme has covered as many as 13 villages, but recent better harvests have allowed them to restrict this care to the villages within the Dedza area. The intention in reducing the amount of care given is to enable them to have time to build a different programme. Local churches will be encouraged to help provide the care themselves, by helping to grow food and by storing it. This is in contrast to the earlier system that depended upon Julian transporting all of the food into the recipient villages.



There is a long way to go before this vision is realised, but within the village of Nyombe they have for the last few years stored the food locally and last year (2013) the church leaders bought the food themselves (with Joseph Project money). In their village alone nearly 100 elderly people from that community and surrounding villages are fed, as well as 250 children.

Feeding programmes have now been set up in a number of villages and the vulnerable receive a nutritious meal three times a week. Women (who are members of the local church) are paid to prepare a mixture of maize (ufa), soya, sugar, oil and salt and distribute it to the needy in the community, regardless of their church involvement. In this way more than 1000 children and vulnerable elderly people are helped during the “hungry season”.

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