Frequently Asked Questions

Working in Malawi can be difficult for Julian and Caroline and the whole team and there is much spiritual opposition. At the same time there is much to thank God for and many encouragements. We would welcome visits to come alongside the team to encourage and build up and help them with this important work. The benefits to any visitor, which often extend to their church on their return, are well known. We want potential visitors to have a realistic understanding of what to expect and prepare for when they go. To that end the answers to some frequently asked questions may help.


How has the work changed since the move to Chiphazi (October 2011)?

The main focus of the work is still to see lives changed in and through faith in Christ and following him in discipleship. Travelling to villages for group bible studies and proclaiming God’s word is still a priority, but the ministry has developed in response to great needs in Malawi.

The farm has become the centre of operations, offering as it does the opportunity to ‘Farm God’s Way’, using mulch and crop rotation to try and get the best out of the land, and show Malawians a different way to farm from the one they’ve been used to. Most years, the crops grown by subsistence farmers don’t provide enough food to last the year, so The Joseph Project feeding programme means we can help supplement the diet of the poorest and most vulnerable of the people.


What opportunities are there for women to work in the villages?

There are several villages within easy travelling distance of the farm, where Caroline is welcome to visit and hold meetings with the women. Sharing in this work with Caroline will be most welcome.


What opportunities are there to work further away in places like Lilongwe or even Nsanje?

In theory it is possible to offer to work in Lilongwe and further afield. In practice, a lot will depend on fuel availability, the time of year (some travel becomes impossible in the rainy season), and if there is perceived to be a need. Please ask directly if this is what you feel called to do.


Is there anywhere to stay without bothering Julian and Caroline?

Yes, there is ‘The Potteries’ facility, which offers overnight accommodation and food. It is about 15 minutes by car from the farm at Chiphazi.


Can I be involved in the Joseph Project without doing church work as well?

Visiting a feeding programme will involve contact with the church members responsible for the programme in a particular village and meetings with church leaders and members are often planned to coincide with any visit made for obvious reasons. No visitor will be obliged to participate but most visitors find joining the worship a valuable experience.


What costs should I budget for in respect of a visit to this work?

At current levels (June 2013) a minimum budget of £2000 per person should cover a 7 – 14 day visit. Air fares are notoriously volatile and this, together with unpredictable inflation and shortage of fuel in the country, requires potential visitors to make a more detailed check at the time of applying to arrange a visit.


How can I apply to visit either as an individual or to arrange a group visit?

To obtain an initial application form, click here.