Nsanje and the far South

In 2009 Julian was approached by the leaders of a group of churches in Nsanje in the far South of Malawi and over the border into Mozambique. They had heard of Julian’s preaching from a visiting church member from one of the Lilongwe churches and as a result, invited Julian to visit and preach the Gospel and teach their church leaders. Eventually this group of churches came under the care of Julian and Caroline and the leadership team.

It is a difficult 2-day journey and in the ensuing time, Julian and his team have visited on a number of occasions and, in turn, the church leaders (with financial help from Julian) have travelled up to Dedza to attend training conferences. Communication is not easy and in the deepening economic crisis and worsening hunger levels this link is stretched. We should continue to pray for these church leaders and their church members.


A number of churches just over the border in Mozambique, under the leadership of Marcelimo   Nsanje - a group of independent churches
under the leadership
of Aroni