SaltMalawi in the UK supports the work of the Malawi-based Disciples of Jesus Church by sending grants from UK donations. SaltMalawi also provides a source of support, skills, resources and advice through the trustees of the Church in Malawi. SaltMalawi supports UK visitors bringing support and encouragement to the team in Malawi. The Disciples of Jesus Church operates through a Malawian registered charity. Each of its 4 trustees is responsible for the Church’s work in one of its 4 regional groups of local churches across Malawi and neighbouring Mozambique. Each trustee is supported in their local area by two further regional leaders. So across the country the Church is developing a leadership team of 12, working with and through local leaders in every Church gathering. The Church’s Mission Statement and Operating Structure for their independent work in Africa are as follows:

Mission Statement

The Objectives of the work in Malawi and Mozambique are to:

  1. Fulfil the Great Commission of Jesus (Matt 28:18-20) by making obedient disciples of Jesus who will become like him.
  2. Plant churches within villages and towns (Acts 2:42-47).
  3. Build an active, Bible-believing and expectant church (Matt 25:10).
  4. Raise and train local leadership.
  5. Equip all of the church’s members for works of service of others (Eph 4:11-13).
  6. Develop extension training of the members (2 Tim 2:2).
  7. Actively include the whole family of each member within the life of the church.
  8. Develop a sustainable farm on the land at Chipazi and complete the building programme.
  9. Practically demonstrate the loving kindness of God in the places where the church members live and work, by helping them to care for the poor and needy, and the vulnerable children of those communities, regardless of their religious affinities, in whatever way appears appropriate and as the Holy Spirit leads.

Operating Structure

The church of the Disciples of Jesus is registered with the Malawian Government. Her trustees are:

  • John Seda (Chair of Trustees)
  • Biliat Ngoma
  • Aaron Sandikonda
  • Joseph Chisungeni

A significant part of the work of this church operates under the title 'The Joseph Project', which is separately registered in the Dedza district as a Faith Based Organisation. The work of the Joseph Project seeks to demonstrate the active love and compassion of Christ in a practical way. This is the caring work referred to in paragraph (9) above. The trustees of the FBO include several of the members of the church at Nyombe.