Prayer for the Lilongwe Churches

Pray for Biliat and his overall responsibility for oversight of the Lilongwe churches and that he and his leadership team would be given wisdom, insight and discernment.

Pray for their protection, physically and spiritually and for their encouragement. The same for their church members. They all work and live amongst a culture of poverty, witchcraft, animism, jealousy and syncretism. Pray also that these churches would become beacons of light in their villages and reach out to surrounding villages with the light of Christ.

The churches and leaders:

  • Makosana – Biliat, Lamek, Happy
  • Khoswe – Thomas
  • Mambala – Mai Aliness
  • Chituwi – New leaders emerging
  • Msamala – Banda, Mbatata
  • Kapira – Williams
  • Chitedze - Mkwichi
  • Sani - Nefani
  • Sambira - Notice
  • Dzole – Kaysha
Biliat leads communion in Lilongwe