Various Ways to Serve

The work supported by SaltMalawi offers a range of opportunities for individuals, churches, schools and other groups to get involved, whether by visiting Malawi or by involving yourself in support activities from home.

The work has two parallel and linked strands:
  • Church Development Work - the teaching of disciples and training of leaders in the villages to which we are invited;
  • The Joseph Project – meeting the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable wherever we encounter them. This includes a real focus on sustainability issues.
Cameron speaking




This approach leads us to engage with individuals, families and church groups on the one hand and, because of the link between hunger and poor school attendance, with schools, staff and pupils, on the other hand. Wherever a feeding programme is established in a village or a school, it is always run and supervised by the church members in that village.

This work offers a range of opportunities for individuals, churches and other groups to get involved. These range from helping financially through the giving of money to supporting the spiritual challenges of the work on the ground by staying informed of progress and standing with the team in prayer. It also offers scope for schools in England to have contact with an under-priviliged school in Malawi.