SaltMalawi Ambassadors

SaltMalawi is seeking Ambassadors within UK churches to build and encourage support for their mission work in Malawi.

The work of SaltMalawi has 2 parallel aims; To support and oversee the mission of Julian and Caroline Lott in Malawi; To build connections in the UK, especially with churches, in order to grow the UK support base, prayer being a critical element, and to raise the funds needed to do the work.

An Ambassador for SaltMalawi is someone based in UK in whom God has planted an interest in mission, who feels called to express that interest in supporting the aims of SaltMalawi and the work of Julian and Caroline. They will want to catch the vision for this work and be willing to actively develop and grow the interest of other church members/leaders within the overall mission focus of their church.

SaltMalawi will support Ambassadors with a point of contact, regular updates on their website, a presentation pack including an initial briefing CD containing printable Word documents and PowerPoint files for different applications and a helpful DVD showing aspects of the work in the field. The CD contains Gift Aid forms and other donor information which can be printed off for others who might be interested in supporting this work. The CD also contains details of the monthly Newsletter and information on how individuals/churches can be involved in a more focused prayer network.

Associate Consultants

We have occasionally sought advice and expertise from those experienced in a wide range of activity, from wells, farming, building, transport, import and export, solar panels, orphan work, etc, etc. We would be delighted to establish more formal links with any who feel they could help in these or other ways. Please contact us here.