The work covered by SaltMalawi touches schools in the Malawian bush where school attendance falls off significantly in the hunger season. The incentive for a child to walk up to 4 or 5 kilometres to school is replaced by the imperative to forage for food. For example, when we began the feeding programme at one school in January 2011, the head teacher reported falling enrolment numbers for Class 3 (9-11yrs) surged to a record level of 360 (in a single class). The previous year’s record was 328! One of our churches is involved in a ‘sustainable farming’ initiative on school land to help pupils and teachers grow food so that the children will survive the annual ‘hunger season’. There is an opportunity for interested schools here to get involved as part of their focus on other cultures. It’s a huge boost to a school out there if one of our visitors is able to take letters from a class sharing about school life here – they will always return with a bag full of beautifully written letters in response!

A Trustee is available to visit schools and speak about this work or conduct an assembly on the topic. It is a great way for schools to broaden their understanding of religious, global and cross cultural issues.

Chule School

Click to see an example of how one English school got involved in supporting the Blankets Appeal in the winter of 2012/13.

Click to see an example of how another English school got involved in showing support for the school at Chiphazi.

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