Why not visit Malawi?

The work in Malawi has grown significantly since Julian and Caroline arrived in late 2001. Based in Lilongwe for the first seven years, many churches were established in the surrounding bush villages and the development of the Joseph Project ensured many children and old people survived the annual hunger season, particularly in the deep famine of 2002/3. In 2009 they moved to a base in Dedza to extend the work to more remote villages in the central belt and further East and South into Mozambique.

For those with time and resources to go to Malawi we offer the chance to go alone or in a group and experience and help in the work first hand. Julian and Caroline are happy to facilitate visitors from the UK to come and share in the work. For many it is a big step to come to rural Malawi but there are many opportunities to get involved. There is a chance to teach, to bring testimonies, to bring encouragement to the local churches and to experience what life is like in rural Malawi.


Typically, you would need to agree and arrange with SaltMalawi to travel to Malawi, to stay in Dedza, to experience life there and to join in actively working with our church in whatever way exploits your own gifting, placing yourselves at the disposal of Julian, Caroline and the local team leaders to be used in the most effective way. Without doubt, this will be a life-changing experience. The work is both tough and demanding. But whichever way you help you will get much back.

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