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SaltMalawi is a UK registered charity working to relieve poverty and suffering, to enhance education and to advance the Christian faith, in Malawi and also in parts of Mozambique. We support the growing Church of the Disciples of Jesus (CDJ), founded by Julian and Caroline Lott.


Latest News - July 2020


Malawi Election Result and
Presidential Inauguration Address

Dr Lazarus Chakwera, former General Superintendent of Assemblies of God in Malawi, has been elected President of Malawi by a majority of 59%. ⁦

Julian has met Dr Chakwera and says that he felt encouraged that ‘he was a Godly man’ and ‘hoping that he will bring a different approach to the presidency’.

So thank you for praying for this situation and please continue to pray for an equally Godly team of ministers as the new government is formed, who might have a heart for the well-being of the poverty stricken majority in the rural villages and the churches there.

On 6th July, Dr Chakwera published the transcript of his (particularly powerful) inauguration address. You can read it by clicking here. Please pray that he will be blessed by God with the ability to carry through his intentions.



Again, for prayer, here are the latest reported figures for Covid-19 in Malawi:

  • Coronavirus Cases: 1,146
  • Deaths: 13
  • Recovered: 260


Women’s Conference at Chabwanda

Organised by the leaders of the Church of the Disciples of Jesus (CDJ)


This teaching conference on 22nd June, for the women of the churches in the Dedza area, was planned to be held in the church building at the village of Chabwanda, where the Chief of the village was delighted to be invited to attend. So many women attended from the villages that, in the end, the church was overwhelmed and the conference had to be held in the open air.


The leaders report that the conference was a success with many women testifying to the ‘wonderful things’ that God was doing in their lives right now. They would be returning to their villages to share their experiences and how God had spoken to them at this time.

These photographs were taken at the conference.


Ted's Prayer

Ted, from Skellingthorpe Church, is one of our newest prayer supporters. He writes poetry and has produced writings and prayers for his Church in the past. He recently sent us this prayer, and an accompanying note which read:


You have helped me to broaden my horizons to empathise with my persecuted Christian Brothers and Sisters; with Malawi and, of course beyond. I find the SaltMalawi website helpful because, as you know, it includes a couple of previous Newsletters, which will help me to be more focussed. At the moment, I am able to include my simple daily prayer which, just now, wrote itself. Copy attached photographed from my “Android phone”.




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