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The Church of the Disciples of Jesus

The church that operates in Malawi under the registered name of the Church of the Disciples of Jesus (CDJ) has been in existence since 2008. Her vision today remains that given by God at her birth, namely to make disciples of Jesus among the people who live in villages that have not yet been reached with the gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven, in accordance with her Mission Statement. Starting in the district of Lilongwe in the Central region the work has grown rapidly so that today the churches that operate under this name are found in most of the districts of the Central region, together with several other areas within the Southern region.

Founded with the desire to preach the Word of God, and to proclaim salvation only through faith in Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of God, the church remains determinedly non-denominational. She is governed by Malawian Trustees, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, supported by English missionaries who were once resident within Malawi and by SaltMalawi.

The growth in both the number of churches and the number of their baptised believers has led the church leaders to have to prioritise the making of disciples for the time being, whilst not ignoring the great need for continual evangelism. More information on this exciting phase of the ministry will be found in the Developing Leaders article.

Malawi features among the poorest nations on earth. The churches in the group are found in the more isolated areas of the country. This often means that her members are also among the poorest of the nation. Inevitably during times of crisis people understandably look to the church for help. Details of how the church has helped to meet the needs of her families and others can be found in the Mercy Work article.