Developing Leaders

The local leaders in the bush village churches need a wide variety of gifts and capabilities. Firstly they need to be able to live an authentic Christian life in an environment where the prevailing culture draws in tribal traditions and where behaviours are rooted in deeply ingrained survival instincts. Secondly they need to be able to share the gospel through teaching, preaching and drama to church members who only speak Chichewa, many of whom have little or no literacy. It is a huge blessing if the leaders have good enough English language skills to be able help with interpreting. As church leaders they need pastoral skills of healing prayer, discernment for times when deliverance ministry is required and the ability to offer discipline and correction. Thirdly they are the channel for sharing sustainable agriculture approaches and will need also to be able to model good farming practice. This is a lot to ask of someone brought up in the bush villages.

They are discipled by the missionary team and by the most experienced amongst their number. Teaching conferences twice a year (often supported by a visiting trustee from UK) bring church leaders together from a very wide area for several days of teaching, discussion and encouragement.

Mphalale Conference

    Weekly church run

    Makosana Teaching Conference