Required Skills

As you can see from the type of activities which you could potentially be asked to participate in, a wide range of skills is required, from practical (and sometimes very physical) to spiritual.

This ministry work can be for those starting out and wishing to learn as well as those more experienced who are also willing to adapt to the unique experience of sharing the gospel and teaching eager learners, some of whom have zero understanding of scripture and whose main spiritual experience is based on animism, ancestor worship and witchcraft.

The local people you will meet in the main do not respond well to UK/European bible study or preaching styles. It has taken Julian years to adapt to this and develop a communication style that works and he will tell you he is still learning! There is little value in viewing it simply as an opportunity to preach or teach as you might do in your home church. Armed with that knowledge and a desire to learn, sharing in this ministry can be hugely rewarding (as well as exhausting) and a real blessing to those able/willing to adapt.


Working in the villages is always done through an interpreter – another skill to learn! The English speaking Malawian leaders are invaluable in this work.