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Mission Statement

The Objectives of the CDJ in Malawi and Mozambique are to:

  1. Fulfil the Great Commission of Jesus (Matt 28:18-20) by making obedient disciples of Jesus who will become like him.
  2. Plant churches within villages and towns (Acts 2:42-47).
  3. Build an active, Bible-believing and expectant church (Matt 25:10).
  4. Raise and train local leadership.
  5. Equip all of the church’s members for works of service of others (Eph 4:11-13).
  6. Develop extensive training of the members (2 Tim 2:2).
  7. Actively include the whole family of each member within the life of the church.
  8. Practically demonstrate the loving kindness of God in the places where the church members live and work, by helping them to care for the poor and needy, and the vulnerable children of those communities, regardless of their religious affinities, in whatever way appears appropriate and as the Holy Spirit leads.