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Mercy Work

From the time that the church was founded in 2007/8 she has had as a part of her foundation the desire that she would be available to be used by the Lord to help those most in need. We can trace this throughout her short history - involvement with feeding programmes for the under 5s and the elderly, caring for orphans, providing maize to hundreds of people during the hunger seasons. In the early days this work was referred to as the Joseph Project. This name reflected the biblical example of the patriarch Joseph who helped the people of Egypt survive seven terrible years of famine.

Gifts to cyclone victims March 2020




Baby Chisomo (Grace) and her carer and five tins of milk provided by SaltMalawi on
4th July 2020.

Chisomo's mother died in childbirth and her father left her, so she is effectively an orphan. Money for milk is sent each month, and so far has been committed for one year.


More recently the church leaders have worked on the essential aspect of the church helping the most needy in the communities where each church is based (Galatians 6.10). Unsurprisingly this development is referred to as the Mercy Work. The prophet Amos encourages the people of God not to neglect love and service of others. Through the Mercy Work the church wants to encourage her people to actively take part in the work of showing mercy and love to those who are less fortunate than themselves.

300 bags of maize purchased August 2020

In times of hunger the church shares food.

At other times she will distribute soap and blankets to those who have none.

Distribution of blankets winter 2020-21