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Kasungu and Dowa

Kasungu and Dowa are the two most northerly districts of the Central Region of Malawi. For a long time Kasungu has been considered the “bread basket” of Malawi and is known for its fertile soil and good climate. It forms a part of the plateau which covers much of the Central Region and is known as the Lilongwe Plain.







Kasungu is largely an agricultural region. There are large tobacco estates in close proximity to villages. Maize is grown throughout the two districts for personal consumption and also for sale into other parts of the country.

The region suffered greatly during the famine of 2002 and again in 2019 although the latter was not so severe.

The centre of the church within this area is based in Chinkhoma town. From there many branches have been planted in outlying villages within the Kasungu district during the last 5 years and more recently within the neighbouring Dowa district. The men who plant and support these churches usually have to travel long distances on foot or by bicycle in order to reach the more remote villages.

A new bicycle bought for one of the church leaders at Kasungu


The Chewa are the largest tribe of people within these districts. As with Lilongwe and Dedza districts these people follow the cultural practices of the ‘Gule Wamkulu’ (lit. the great dance). This has been described as a ‘cult’ or secret society full of magic powers. The masked men of the Gule Wamkulu are considered to be ‘Zirombo’ (animals or spirits) and are feared within their region and also in the rest of the country because of their use of powerful witchcraft. Do pray for these villages where it is a very difficult thing to choose to closely follow Jesus.