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Latest UN data on Malawi

The food crisis in Malawi is the most severe in a decade:

  • 2.8 million people face acute food insecurity.
  • Food assistance that was supposed to be launched in October has started only in six out of 25 affected districts.
  • Food prices continue to rise as more households rely on purchases for food needs.
  • 230,000 people still remain displaced after January 2015 flooding.

Latest Developments

  • 230,000 people remain displaced after January 2015 flooding (UNICEF 05/11/2015).
  • 2.8 million people face acute food insecurity (FEWSNET 30/11/2015).
  • 21,058 children with SAM have been admitted for treatment in 2015 (UNICEF 02/12/2015).
  • 7,500 people have been displaced throughout the country due to flooding from heavy rains 23-24 November (ECHO 03/12/2015).

Key Priorities

  • Food security
  • Nutrition


Data published recently by Global Finance magazine

This is based on annual income data.

  • Malawi is the world's 3rd poorest nation.
  • Only DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) and CAR (Central African Republic) are ranked as poorer than Malawi.
  • Average annual income per Malawian is $819 (£532).
  • The commentary says that high inflation and strong reliance on donor financing continue to be the downfall in Malawi's economic sector.

Meanwhile the UK is the 27th richest nation in the world, with an average annual income per person of $39,224 (£25,457).