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The whole of this work in Malawi (i.e. all aspects of church work, training leaders, discipling of believers, together with the Mercy work within the Joseph Project) is based upon the firm foundation of prayer. This was where it all started for Julian and Caroline and, while they are grateful for every aspect of the wide support they have received, the element they and the Church of the Disciples of Jesus value most highly is the commitment from so many to stand with them in prayer. This prayer support has seen them through every challenge and spiritual battle of the last 17 years. We maintain a database of committed pray-ers, from a variety of churches around the UK, who are ready to pray for, and into, every situation as it arises. Whenever Julian and Caroline or the team on the ground have a specific need for prayer, we fire off an e-mail request, knowing that people are out there waiting to respond. Here is a recent statement from the Lotts:

“We feel so blessed knowing that you are praying for us – we have reported to many people that the spiritual battles in Malawi are intense. We see that prayer is one of our greatest needs. Your role in helping us in this way is a real one, and makes a huge difference both to our lives and to the work that we are involved in. So thank you again.”   Julian and Caroline Lott

We would love to see more join us in this key endeavour and, if God is calling you to support in this way, we encourage you to contact us here.