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Prayer requests from CDJ Trustees

Prayer for John Seda and the other CDJ trustees (Biliat, Joseph and Aaron), as they work hard to organise teaching conferences for all the church leaders in each of the 4 regions of the country covered by CDJ. These are along the lines of the Women’s Conference reported in ‘Latest News’ on our Home page. They will be using the excellent material of the Rooted in Jesus (RinJ) group course in Christian discipleship especially written for the use of ordinary Malawian Christians, relevant to the different challenges they face and enabling those ordinary village Christians to apply their New Life in Christ to their own specific situations. The course material is translated into the local language. Early reports of success are encouraging. Pray that, as those who attend share what they learn, more lives will be changed in the villages.

CDJ Trustees

Prayer for the CDJ leadership as they contend with the specifics of the Corona virus in the villages. Pray for protection for the church as they deal with lack of information. They are taking normal precautions, hand washing, masks etc., but it is a challenging environment in which to live. Many more people than usual are dying but, without testing, it is not put down to Covid-19, so not reported as such. People in the villages will look to the church for help as the disease spreads, so wisdom and discernment are needed in spades!