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Organisation in the UK

SaltMalawi works primarily in the UK liaising with supporting churches, donors and other UK stakeholders. We bring needs and prayer requests into the UK and support and resources out to Malawi. SaltMalawi also seeks to help UK Christians grow through supportive visits to the Church in Malawi. SaltMalawi’s trustees, also directors of SaltMalawi Limited, are committed UK Christians who share the vision of the Malawian Church of the Disciples of Jesus.


Mission Statement (UK)

The UK operation’s mission is:

  1. To advance the Christian faith by supporting and encouraging Malawians to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to rural areas of Malawi and Mozambique;
  2. To help the young believers become established in their faith by providing discipleship training through the churches; and
  3. To help alleviate poverty and suffering by providing finance and materials after requests for specific help have been received.


Operating Structure (UK)

SaltMalawi is a Registered Trust (Charities Commission Number 1139160) operating in the UK via a company limited by guarantee (Companies House number 06972024).

As well as raising financial support the trustees and other Christians raise the profile of the ministry in UK churches by providing information on our website, Facebook pages and electronic newsletters.



We conduct fundraising in many forms and provide UK administration and accounting functions. We are very grateful to the Lord for the faithful band of people who contribute regularly to the ministry. All donations are recorded, audited and used within any restrictions set out by the donor. We also provide oversight to the team administering the finances in Malawi and seek evidence to confirm appropriate use of funds provided.

Annual Returns will be filed each year on the Charities Commission website.

More current information can be obtained by contacting SaltMalawi direct.


Gift Aid

SaltMalawi is registered with HMRC for Gift Aid (reference number XT20455). If you wish to make a gift using Gift Aid then please see our options HERE.