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Founders: Julian and Caroline Lott


The Lott Family when they started their ministry

Julian and Caroline left UK for Malawi in 2003, where for many years they lived and worked amongst its rural people, serving God faithfully. The network of churches they planted has grown in four main clusters (see Church of the Disciples of Jesus). Over several years they prepared the local leaders to take on responsibility for the Church and handed responsibility to them in 2018-19.

Julian and Caroline are now based in the UK and keep contact with the church leaders through emails, phone calls and regular visits. Julian and Caroline also work closely with SaltMalawi trustees helping them to develop strategies and direct resources from UK into Malawi. They also help to develop the increasingly close links between the trustees of the Church in Malawi and the trustees of SaltMalawi in the UK.


A current picture of Julian, Caroline & Nikki enjoying the English weather!